School Assignments







1a)   Name five Pauline epistles.                                                                                                      (5mks)

b)     State consequences of sin according to Genesis chapter three.                                                (7mks)

c)     Outline ways in which Christians care for God’s creation today.                                            (8mks)


2a)   Describe the call of Abraham Gen 12: 1 - 9.                                                                            (7mks)

b)     State seven ways in which Abraham demonstrated his faith in God.                                       (7mks)

c)     Identify six lessons that Christians learn about God from the call of Abraham.                      (6mks)


3a)   Describe the sealing of the Sinai covenant Exod 24: 4-8.                                                        (6mks)

b)     State ways in which the Israelites worshipped God in the wilderness.                                    (7mks)

c)     Give seven ways in which Christians worship God today.                                                      (7mks)


4a)   State eight achievement of David as king of Israel.                                                                 (8mks)

b)     Outline six promises that God made to king David through prophet Nathan. 2 Sam 7:9-16. (6mks)

c)     What lessons do Christians learn from the failures of King Saul.                                            (6mks)


5a) Describe the contest between prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal at mount carmel

        1 kings 18: 17 - 46.                                                                                                                   (8mks)

b)     Identify ways in which king Jeroboam contributed to the spread of idolatry in Israel.            (7mks)

c)     Give five ways of fighting corruption in the society today.                                                     (5mks)


6a)   State six factors that promoted harmony and mutual responsibility in traditional African communities.


b)     Explain four reasons why initiation rites are important in traditional African communities.  (8mks)

c)     State changes taking place in the care of widows and orphans in Kenya today.                      (6mks)




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